Our aim is to remove the difficulty that the stairs can become due to age, illness or injury. We offer a wide range of options, with styles to suit your home, and costs to suit your budget.




Understanding Your Stairlift

new stair imageThere are two key types of stairlift:

– Straight stairlifts

– Curved stairlifts

Straight stairlifts are generally relatively straightforward, but curved stairlifts tend to be more complicated, as there are more criteria and considerations to take into account.

For example, what constitutes a curved staircase? It could be a flight of 12 stairs in a straight line, then a landing platform, and then one step going in a different direction.




Straight Stair Lifts


A straight stairlift is exactly that, one which is fitted to a straight flight of stairs with no bends or turns. Optional extras on straight stair lifts include:

• Powered swivel mechanisms

• Seat to footrest links

• Powered hinge mechanisms

These options are often considered when the clients ability suggest that manual footrests and swivels mechanisms maybe difficult to use. A powered hinge will only ever be required when there is a door opening at the foot of the stairs – on the same side that the lift will travel.



Curved Stair Lifts


 A curved stair lift is one that has a turn anywhere on the stairs.

Precision engineering is used to build the rail specifically for your home, and the technical inteligience of the lift itself means that the costs are inevitabley higher than straight stair lifts.

However, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer new and reconditioned or 2nd hand stair lifts – truly making our prices unbeatable.





Reconditioned Stairlifts

2016-05-05_1713We offer a wide range of good quality, reliable reconditioned and 2nd hand stair lifts (straight and curved) as an alternative to buying new. All our reconditioned lifts come with a 12 month warranty as standard. All our reconditioned and 2nd hand stair lifts are fully serviced, tested and cleaned prior to installation – making them look and feel like new – but at significantly lower costs.







Stair Lift Buy Back Scheme

2016-05-05_1714Unlike other stair lift companies – we offer a buy back option should the lift no longer be needed. This includes free removal from the property. We will buy back lifts that have been installed by others, and would always carry out a full assessment before making an offer. This service is popular with Councils who have tenancy changes for any number of reasons.








Make An Enquiry

Call us on 1890 876 247 or email us at info@stairliftsinireland.ie 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Simply give us your name, address and contact details. Our nearest Stair Lift Engineer to your location will make contact directly. Alternatively you can fill in the enquiry form online at www.stairliftsinireland.ie and a member of the team will contact you.


The Ordering Process

Once your local Engineer has gone through all the options with you, and you are happy to proceed – the ordering process begins. For Straight Stair Lifts – once the customer is happy with the new or reconditioned stair lift – the installation day and time can be agreed. For Curved Stair Lifts – a survey will be carried out, and once we have collated all the measurements the order is sent off for drawings approval. Once the drawings have come back for sign off by the Engineer, the installation day and time can be agreed.



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